Agatha is a filmmaker and a researcher based in Bristol, UK. She produces a range of different content from music videos, documentaries to fiction films but her biggest interest and passion lies in conservation and producing impact.

She has studied Journalism & Social Communication at Krakow University, Political Science on Erasmus student exchange and have graduated BA Media, Culture and Society at University of Hull in 2014. Throughout her studies she has learnt the basics of journalism, video recording and editing, in the same time developing her passion for photography, wildlife, conservation and nutrition. She has undergone wildlife filmmaking course at Africa Media and Wildeye International Filmmaking School.

She has worked as a production assistant at Wildscreen, RDF Television, Icon Films, Rubber Republic, Curve Media, Voltage TV, Aspect Film & Video, Doghouse and Entirety Labs. She has collaborated with a TV presenter Anneka Svenska and co-produced with her programs for the Animal Watch YouTube series with over 150,000 subscribers. Earlier this year she has released her first full feature documentary FOREST exposing the conflict based around the illegal logging of the Białowieża Forest and the film has already gained recognition on multiple environmental film festivals. Currently she is working on her new documentary exploring the conservation status of giraffes.

She has a flare for originality, good creative and communication skills. Drive and enthusiasm to go and do whatever it takes to make a good film. Forward vision and above all, a developing authority that will enable her and those who work with her to achieve the aims and objectives of any assignment to the best of their ability. 
– Tony Haighway, Wolf Watch UK
Our hearts are fit to burst with pride, Agatha is a truly talented film-maker. 
– Africa Media