Four songwriter singers (songwriter-singers because you have to write them before you can sing). There is no headliner, all listen as one sings, trying out new ideas, or ones from the vault.

Coming from the Nashville tradition of songwriters who showcase their work in the round, four Bristol based artists, all with very different styles, have been brought together by Nashville native Russell Walker for what he hopes will be just the first of these ‘In the Round’ sessions at the Folk House Café. Sometimes performed actually in a circle, but most often in a line up, taking in turns to sing and listen, the artists then come together for one or two songs at the end, as seen and heard in the famous Bluebird Café or Station Inn in Nashville, Tennesee.

The artists. Elles Bailey – Bristol-based ‘Blues Princess’ debut album, Wildfire, debuted at number 2 on iTunes blues chart. ‘Fresh & Original – (5/5)’ Maverick Magazine for Wildfire ‘It’s a fact that very few make it to the big stage but Elles Bailey has the necessary talent, the drive, and now the product.’

Blues In Britain Rosina Buck – self-penned, honest songwriting Rosina Buck is best known for her quirky and relatable songs that are performed as Bristol duo Circe’s Diner. “They completely enchanted us with their set.”

The Narrowboat Sessions – Oxford Kate Dimbleby – latest album, SONGBIRDS, was released by Folkstock records in February 2017 and is a unique collection of self-penned acapella “soul” songs. “Stunning vocal virtuosity. An artist absolutely at the top of her game.” Tom Robinson “Halfway between pop and spirituals. Crystalline and credible”

Mail on Sunday Lady Nade – Her debut album ‘Hard To Forget’ has already been acclaimed by local press gaining airplay on BBC2 Dermot’ O Leary, Tom Robinson’s BBC6 Fresh Net show and BBC Bristol’s Introducing. “Absolutely lovely” Dermot O’Leary “…a satin cure for the soul” Sam Bonham, BBC Introducing.

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