Great White Shark – Cage Diving Experience

Shark dive.00_01_36_06.Still001

I really like the concept of observing wildlife while the animal roams free and human is in the cage. Better this way than the other! Thanks to Africa Media and White Shark Africa I had a wonderful opportunity to watch Great White Sharks in their natural environment. As one of those people, who thinks sharks are scary and dangerous animals, I was very pleased with how the guys from White Shark Africa were educating people that those Great Whites are not exactly like the beasts from Jaws. Part of the experience was to observe shark’s calm demeanour and lack of interest in people in the cage. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they still looked quite vicious when they were going after that tuna head bait. That’s what the guys from White Shark Africa do to attract sharks to come nearby the boat. They throw brine mixed with mushed up sardine pulp to create an interesting smell for the shark and throw a tuna head attached to the rope to create a splashing sound to stimulate shark’s curiosity even more. However, the sharks never get fed to avoid domestication and of course no-one is allowed to touch them.

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