Lady Nade: Last Dance OMV

Our latest, retro style music video with Lady Nade coming at ya!

Lady Nade | Last Dance

Film Directed & Edited by Agatha Jackson.

In association and with thanks to

PRS Foundation



Natalie Wright MU

By Snook- Hair


The Botanist, Bristol

Featuring Henry Fuller

Keziah J Watts

Emma Holbrook – Drums

Daniel Everett Music – Bass

Ben WJ Woodward – Keys

Sean Snook – Guitar

Holly Carter Music – Guitar

& Many many more awesome guests

Play Wild: Do your thing!

A big revival of the video blog series I decided to set up to give some insight into what a journey to becoming a wildlife filmmaker may look like. It’s been a while, almost three years since I released my first two videos but at least I can share some decent, time-revised advise from the perspective of my most recent successes – becoming a researcher on a BBC and National Geographic production and releasing two environmental documentaries of my own. If natural history television sounds like something you may want to do give this video a watch and share some thoughts.

Animal Watch: Seeking the Great White Shark

Latest film I have edited for the Animal Watch channel of the Green World TV in which Anneka flies to Gansbaii in South Africa on a mission to find The Great White Shark, alongside the Big Marine 5: Penguins, Seals, Whales and Dolphins. She ends up in the notorious Shark Alley – will she find what she is looking for?

Lady Nade: Heart Beats Strong

Lady Nade – Heart Beats Strong

Film Directed & Edited by Agatha Jackson – Film & Photography.

In association and with thanks to

PRS – Women Make Music

Mintlime Records


Natalie Wright Make-Up Artist

By Snook – Hair Art

Oriolo Designs


Lady Nade – Vocals

Mike Cooper – Drums

Daniel Everett – Bass

Ben Woodward – Keys

Lady Nade – Safe Place – Brand New Album – Out Now

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Skomer & Stack Rocks Wildlife Adventures

Courting Puffins

Last weekend we went with a group of friends to Skomer Island and Stack Rocks on the coast of Pembrokeshire and it was certainly one of the most stunning nature and wildlife experiences. Take a look at some of the shots I managed to capture there portraying puffins, guillemots, razorbills, oystercatchers, bluebirds, rabbits, dolphins and seals as well as the astonishing cliffs.



Lady Nade – Safe Place

We’re very thrilled to share our most ambitious yet collaboration with Lady Nade we worked on in March, the official music video for Safe Place, juest ahead of the album’s official release.

In association and with thanks to:

PRS – Women Make Music
Mintlime Records
MUAH – Natalie Wright
The Kingsdown Vaults
Penny Brohn UK
The Olive Shed
The Albany Centre


Ash Dawn Clarke
Dionne Draper
Chris Curley
Elina Kubernus
Rebecca Birkinshaw
Jordan White
Ben White
Corey Elkins
Stephen Hogarth Jeans
Chris Arnold
Joanna Weiss
Aaron Burrows
Lady Nade
Daniel Everett
Seb Guitez
Desmond Rogers

Safe Place – Brand New Album – Out May 17.05.19
Preorder here:

Countryfile Spring Diaries

BBC’s Paul Martin amongst wild daffodils

It is absolutely exhilarating feeling to be able to share the result of my work for the BBC Studios production for the first time as a researcher. I am especially proud to have set up for the national television a film with a strong climate change message.

Take a look at those four episodes for which I had a chance to set up films like Rural Churches, Cherry Blossom Climate Change, Pots, Rabbits at Risk, Fat Club for Pets, British Daffodils and Crop Tower.






Earth Day 2019

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Here, a painting of Earth I included on the back of my sign for the Extinction Rebellion protest. Unfortunately, only Europe and Arctic made it to my planet. 😂

Make ‘Climate Change – The Facts’ your watch for today if you haven’t seen it yet. Very happy that more and more conservation messages are making it to the national television. 📺

I’m terms of green tips for today:
I’m about to pay the bills to Pure Planet which I’ve been using as a supplier for the last year for gas & electric – 100% renewable electricity and 100% carbon offset gas. 🌍

Proud of my mate Aishah Masood who carried a reusable mug during our camping trip to grab takeaway coffees in.

Advised my other mate on using menstrual cup instead of tampons as a more environmentally friendly but also healthier option for the body compared to tampons.

Bracing myself for that trashtag on a walk next weekend and when I do it, I will make sure I will bring biodegradable bin bags with me, which I get at Better Food (alongside with my top ups of washing up and laundry liquids and unwrapped soap bars). I will probably take my doggy with me for that walk and of course that means our biodegradable, lavender scented poo bags. 💩

Finally, my housemate has just put the order through with Riverford for our local fruit and veg boxes that don’t come wrapped in so much plastic – although there is room for improvement with that occasional plastic bag for green beans or kale.

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Lady Nade – Looking for Love OMV

Very glad we can finally share the fruits of our second collaboration with Lady Nade on the Looking for Love music video. She is traversing multiple unique spots in Bristol looking for love – will she find it?

Extinction Rebellion International Launch – What’s Hot London

This time on the other side of the camera I’ve been speaking about the International Launch of the Extinction Rebellion protest in London from Waterloo Bridge on Monday 15th of April on What’s Hot London.