Adopt a giraffe for Christmas.


Christmas is coming and so is the Christmas presents’ frenzy. I have recently seen on one of my friend’s social media posts a fantastic guide to ethical hierarchy of gift purchasing. I found it being a great suggestion in current times of abundant waste and environmental crisis.


This is why, I wanted to suggest a giraffe adoption as a fantastic option for a Christmas gift! It’s something I did myself recently, when I’ve adopted lovely Kaoko – a dessert-dwelling giraffe. The programme is offered by the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa – Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). You can choose either monthly or yearly payment plan as well as Explorer or Guardian programme which vary in rewards you get from it. If you choose the programme which I have chosen – the Explorer one, in your pack you will receive plenty of downloads, like stunning photos of giraffes, posters, fun fact sheets and your personalised adoption certificate.

In addition to that, on the adoption portal you can check quarterly updates, on how the giraffes the GCF is working with are doing.

This month International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed two subspecies of giraffe as ‘critically endangered’ on the Red List of Threatened Species, while others range from ‘endangered’ through ‘vulnerable’ to ‘near threatened’. Only two subspecies appear to be doing well and the last one is yet to be assessed. The numbers of giraffes decreased by almost 45% in the last 30 years so let’s stick our necks out for giraffes this Christmas and support their conservation.


If the idea of giraffe adoption doesn’t sound like something right up your street, you can also help GCF by either purchasing one of their fab Christmas jumpers or simply by donating.

Midnight Ritual: Day of the Dead Special

Highlights of the night Midnight Ritual at Old Market Assembly on the 27th of October, I had an absolute pleasure to shoot for Panther Panther, who put this video together. Latino-electro is definitely right up my street!

Insight Ensemble: Under the Sea

Here comes another highlights aftervideo of, probably my favourite, Insight Ensemble’s gig. An orchestral odyssey beneath the waves… From sandy shores to the depths of the deep blue; a sonic journey through sparkling coral reefs, tumultuous tidal waves and the vast expanse of the ocean… With full symphony orchestra at the heart of Insight Ensemble’s sell-out, captivating performances, Under the Sea also features fishy choreography, contorting creatures, eerie theremins, mesmerising new compositions and much more! In collaboration with Invisible Circus and many talented artists of Bristol. Enjoy!

Great White Shark – Cage Diving Experience

Shark dive.00_01_36_06.Still001

I really like the concept of observing wildlife while the animal roams free and human is in the cage. Better this way than the other! Thanks to Africa Media and White Shark Africa I had a wonderful opportunity to watch Great White Sharks in their natural environment. As one of those people, who thinks sharks are scary and dangerous animals, I was very pleased with how the guys from White Shark Africa were educating people that those Great Whites are not exactly like the beasts from Jaws. Part of the experience was to observe shark’s calm demeanour and lack of interest in people in the cage. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they still looked quite vicious when they were going after that tuna head bait. That’s what the guys from White Shark Africa do to attract sharks to come nearby the boat. They throw brine mixed with mushed up sardine pulp to create an interesting smell for the shark and throw a tuna head attached to the rope to create a splashing sound to stimulate shark’s curiosity even more. However, the sharks never get fed to avoid domestication and of course no-one is allowed to touch them.

Rockin’ Cape Town

Visit in Cape Town was on my bucket for quite a while. Mostly because of the breathtaking and picturesque Table Mountain which I have been wanting to climb. Guess what… We did it with the Africa Media’s September crew! Not only that. We have also reached the most south-western tip of the African continent – Cape of Good Hope, took a dip in the Ocean with African penguins at the Boulders Beach, saw ragged-tooth sharks being fed at Cape Town’s Aquarium and dined at phenomenal Cape to Cuba serving the best seafood platter I have ever tasted. The Watershed Markets offered beautiful selection of hand crafted arty souvenirs, sometimes even with a sustainable, environmental touch to them, which was a pleasant surprise. Kaapstad was another tick off of my bucket list which didn’t disappoint!

World’s highest bridge bungee.

The moment in which you feel like it was a terrible decision and you really want to back off but you can’t anymore…

Oh sweet unawareness… I feel like it’s easier to find courage to face something new, something you don’t know what exactly it will be like. There is room for imagination.

I wanted to bungee jump for a really long time but instead of just going for a not so impressive crane somewhere in the city I was waiting for a more suitable in my opinion occasion. Thanks to Africa Media I had that opportunity. World’s highest bridge bungee with Face Adrenalin at 216 meters over Bloukrans River on the border between Western and Eastern Cape in South Africa seemed spectacular enough for my first jump… or shall I rather say fall.

The walk along the see through corridor gives you shivers, but it’s nothing compared to the moment you tip over the edge. At that point there is no return even though you really wish it was possible. For the first few seconds there is nothing, just you and the gravity and I found that absolutely terrifying. With the stretch of the cord comes the relief, you feel some support. Bouncing back and forth and spinning round is actually quite fun, gives you time to catch your breath. Finally the cord settles and you’re still for a few more way too long seconds and that’s when you feel the gravity working its way on you again. It feels like you’re about to slip out of the harness that holds your ankles and dive into another much scarier fall with no return at all. Then comes the man, the saviour, he lifts you up, blood flows out of your brain and back to your body and you feel overwhelming euphoria for quite some time.

I feel challenged to do it again. Maybe not anytime soon, but I feel I have to be able to face that sensation again and embrace it, ease into it. I want to be stronger after what hasn’t killed me. It was much easier to do it without knowing what this is really gonna feel like. Oh sweet unawareness…

Elephant Walk with Indalu Reserve


When I heard about the Africa Media wildlife filmmaking course from one of my friends last year I got particularly excited about one of the activities I’ve been told would be organised for the interns – Elephant Walk with Indalu Game Reserve. It certainly was as breathtaking as it sounded in my friend’s stories. After an adventurous ride on the front bumper of the car we got to stroll for a short while with two beautiful young male elephants, I walked beside Moqetsi. It was truly stunning experience to be able to touch one of those wonderful gentle giants and feed them after the walk. I care about animal welfare therefore it was important for me to know that Africa Media collaborates only with ethical partners and Elephants from Indalu reserve are being treated well, are free to roam and human interaction is limited to only couple of short walks a day. It has truly made my day.

Horseback Safari Adventure

Morne – The horse that carried me through the Botlierskop reserve.

As part of the Wildlife Filmmaking course I am undertaking this month with Africa Media, interns get to participate in a range of wildlife and adventure activities. This one was certainly one of the biggest highlights of the month in general and one of the best things I have done in life so far. By courtesy of the Botlierskop Game Reserve we were able to explore stunning hills and inhabiting them fauna through tracks and trails inaccessible for vehicles while interacting with a wonderful animals carrying us on their backs. It is definitely a unique way to discover wild Africa and I’d recommend to everyone who gets a chance to try it.

Insight Ensemble: ‘Swan Lake’ Flash Mob

At 7.30pm on Thursday, June 7 Bristol’s brilliant classical music and theatre collective Insight Ensemble treated cinema-goers at Vue Cinema, Cribbs Causeway to the introduction to Tchaikovsky’s timelessly popular ballet Swan Lake to celebrate the live screening of the Royal Ballet at the Vue cinema chain.

Insight Ensemble: Dawn of Time

From Creation of the Earth out of Chaos; through tectonic shifts and elemental storms… To the rule of the dinosaurs and first footsteps of primitive man. In their 5th instalment in the Loco Klub Tunnels, Insight Ensemble is taking a journey back to soundscapes of the Dawn of Time.

With the full symphony orchestra always at the heart of their 100% sell-out, captivating performances, this next one features dance, pyrotechnics, newly-created experimental instruments and the spoken word. In collaboration with Invisible Circus and many talented artists of Bristol. 21/22 April 2018