Long Exposure Waterfalls

Can’t imagine a better place to enjoy long exposure water photography than the Waterfall Country in Brecon Beacons National Park in Wales. Highly recommended for a stunning walk. It is even possible to walk under some of the waterfalls. What an experience!

Tilly, baby wolf from Wolf Watch UK

During a visit at Wolf Watch UK with Anneka Svenska to record WWUK promo a year ago, we have also shot an episode of Animal Watch on Tilly the wolf cub and newcomer to the sanctuary. Watch how Tilly gets introduced to her new friend Callow.

Animal Watch: Tarpon – bitten by a giant fish!

New episode of Animal Watch I have edited for the Green World TV in which Anneka Svenska goes to the Florida Keys to feed one of the largest predatory fish. Tarpons there are known to take food from tourists, but can she get one of them to engulf her hand, like tradition requires and get a bloody war wound in the process – Watch and Find out!….


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Animal Watch: Swimming with Alligators

Episode of Animal Watch I have edited for the Green World TV in which Anneka travels to Florida to dive down into the American Alligator’s domain and get up super close with the USA’s most dangerous non venomous animal alongside National Geographic’s Gator Boy Chris Gillette. Will she survive? Watch and find out…..

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New Year, New Showreel

I am very chuffed I can share my new showreel summing up four most important projects I have been involved over the past year: Forest, Not a Tall Tale, Subverted and Animal Watch. I am excited for what the 2019 will bring!

Day of the Scarlet Ibis

Now that I have finished shooting everything I need for my new upcoming documentary Not a Tall Tale, which I have started a few months ago during my internship with Africa Media, I am reminiscing other wildlife videos I have done whilst travelling across South Africa, like this little gem from Birds of Eden in Plettenberg Bay. Take a look at what a sunny afternoon looks like for gorgeous Scarlet Ibises.

Willow the baby cheetah

A few months ago I had a great pleasure to accompany Anneka Svenska, producer of Animal Watch, as her camerawoman on the shoot at Big Cat Sanctuary in Kent. We’ve met this adorable cheetah cub cared for by Giles Clark, the big cat expert with whom Anneka discussed the issues of big cat conservation in Africa.

Adopt a giraffe for Christmas.


Christmas is coming and so is the Christmas presents’ frenzy. I have recently seen on one of my friend’s social media posts a fantastic guide to ethical hierarchy of gift purchasing. I found it being a great suggestion in current times of abundant waste and environmental crisis.


This is why, I wanted to suggest a giraffe adoption as a fantastic option for a Christmas gift! It’s something I did myself recently, when I’ve adopted lovely Kaoko – a dessert-dwelling giraffe. The programme is offered by the only NGO in the world that concentrates solely on the conservation and management of giraffe in the wild throughout Africa – Giraffe Conservation Foundation (GCF). You can choose either monthly or yearly payment plan as well as Explorer or Guardian programme which vary in rewards you get from it. If you choose the programme which I have chosen – the Explorer one, in your pack you will receive plenty of downloads, like stunning photos of giraffes, posters, fun fact sheets and your personalised adoption certificate.

In addition to that, on the adoption portal you can check quarterly updates, on how the giraffes the GCF is working with are doing.

This month International Union for Conservation of Nature has listed two subspecies of giraffe as ‘critically endangered’ on the Red List of Threatened Species, while others range from ‘endangered’ through ‘vulnerable’ to ‘near threatened’. Only two subspecies appear to be doing well and the last one is yet to be assessed. The numbers of giraffes decreased by almost 45% in the last 30 years so let’s stick our necks out for giraffes this Christmas and support their conservation.


If the idea of giraffe adoption doesn’t sound like something right up your street, you can also help GCF by either purchasing one of their fab Christmas jumpers or simply by donating.

Midnight Ritual: Day of the Dead Special

Highlights of the night Midnight Ritual at Old Market Assembly on the 27th of October, I had an absolute pleasure to shoot for Panther Panther, who put this video together. Latino-electro is definitely right up my street!

Insight Ensemble: Under the Sea

Here comes another highlights aftervideo of, probably my favourite, Insight Ensemble’s gig. An orchestral odyssey beneath the waves… From sandy shores to the depths of the deep blue; a sonic journey through sparkling coral reefs, tumultuous tidal waves and the vast expanse of the ocean… With full symphony orchestra at the heart of Insight Ensemble’s sell-out, captivating performances, Under the Sea also features fishy choreography, contorting creatures, eerie theremins, mesmerising new compositions and much more! In collaboration with Invisible Circus and many talented artists of Bristol. Enjoy!