Lady Nade: As Soon As I Can

September vibes – latest release for Lady Nade.

In association and with thanks to:

PRS – Women Make Music

Mintlime Records


By Snook – Hair

Art Oriolo Designs

Not a Tall Tale: Giraffe Conservation Documentary


Have you heard that giraffes are becoming silently endangered? Whether or not, watch the Not a Tall Tale to find out why and what you can do to help prevent this.

‘Not a Tall Tale’ is a documentary aiming to highlight issues of the conservation state of giraffes, species silently vanishing from our planet. The film is done in a reality-TV style in hope to captivate the attention of audiences not typically interested in purely environmental matters. It showcases images of giraffes from Schotia Private Game Reserve in South Africa with a commentary from one of the reserve’s rangers, Kurt von Maltitz, as well as a discussion with the conservationist Osiris Doumbe  about his work with ‘critically endangered’ Kordofan giraffes in Cameroon and Bristol’s local conservation initiative – Wild Place Project.



‘The conservation status of seven of the currently IUCN-recognised nine giraffe subspecies has been assessed –five of these subspecies for the first time ever. For many, it comes as a shock that three of the giraffe subspecies are now listed as ‘Critically Endangered’ (Kordofan and Nubian giraffe) and ‘Endangered’ (Reticulated giraffe), while others range from ‘Vulnerable’ (Thornicroft’s and West African giraffe) to ‘Near Threatened’ (Rothschild’s giraffe). Only Angolan giraffe – with their stronghold in Botswana, Namibia and Zimbabwe – seem to be out of trouble and are listed as ‘Least Concern’. Only the South African and Masai giraffe are yet to be assessed. While South African giraffe appear to be doing well, Masai giraffe have plummeted and will most likely be placed within one of the threatened categories of the IUCN Red List.’

– Giraffe Conservation Foundation


Lady Nade: Sweet Honey Bee


Lady Nade | Sweet Honey Bee

Film Directed & Edited by Agatha Jackson.

In association and with thanks to:

Flowers Of Hatch

Mikes Mercs

PRS – Women Make Music

Mintlime Records


Natalie Wright Make-Up Artist

By Snook – Hair

Art Oriolo Designs

Taylor Guitars

Animal Watch: African Killer Bees

New episode of Animal Watch edited for Green World TV in which Anneka meets wild honey bees kept at award winning nature reserve Grootbos in South Africa that help pollinate their hectares of restored fynbos. Wild African bees are known for being more easily agitated than normal domestic honey bees…

The Fish Shop: Fresh Fish Delivered

A couple of videos I made for Dan from The Fish Shop in Bristol to promote his fresh fish delivery service. We visited his supplier at Houghton Springs in Dorset on a sunny day to talk about why their trout has so much Omega 3 and what’s the best recipe to cook the arctic char.

Lady Nade: Last Dance OMV

Our latest, retro style music video with Lady Nade coming at ya!

Lady Nade | Last Dance

Film Directed & Edited by Agatha Jackson.

In association and with thanks to

PRS Foundation



Natalie Wright MU

By Snook- Hair


The Botanist, Bristol

Featuring Henry Fuller

Keziah J Watts

Emma Holbrook – Drums

Daniel Everett Music – Bass

Ben WJ Woodward – Keys

Sean Snook – Guitar

Holly Carter Music – Guitar

& Many many more awesome guests

Play Wild: Do your thing!

A big revival of the video blog series I decided to set up to give some insight into what a journey to becoming a wildlife filmmaker may look like. It’s been a while, almost three years since I released my first two videos but at least I can share some decent, time-revised advise from the perspective of my most recent successes – becoming a researcher on a BBC and National Geographic production and releasing two environmental documentaries of my own. If natural history television sounds like something you may want to do give this video a watch and share some thoughts.

Animal Watch: Seeking the Great White Shark

Latest film I have edited for the Animal Watch channel of the Green World TV in which Anneka flies to Gansbaii in South Africa on a mission to find The Great White Shark, alongside the Big Marine 5: Penguins, Seals, Whales and Dolphins. She ends up in the notorious Shark Alley – will she find what she is looking for?